Why you should be using low lint wipes

When working in a critical environment such as automotive manufacturing and repairing, it is important to use the right cleaning materials for the task to ensure optimal product performance.

One of the most popular wiping solutions is non-woven wipes in particular low lint or lint free wipes. These wipes can be used for cleaning and wiping surfaces, tools and machinery. In this post, we explore the uses and benefits of using Wipemaster’s low lint wipes for industrial cleaning.

Why you should be using low lint wipes

Low lint wipes are usually made from a non-woven material that have low linting properties. These wipes can be made from a mixture of materials such as Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Polyamide being hydro entangled, Cellulose, Latex, Polyester, Woodpulp and Viscose fibre.

Why low linting is important?

Low lint offers low fibre generation due to the lack of tiny hairs on the material.

what are low lint wipesThis means you can clean or dry sensitive surfaces without depositing cloth residue or fibres, helping to reduce the risk of contamination.

The pattern on the low lint wipe is designed to trap particles where it allows small particles of dust, grit and dirt to fall from contact surfaces into the wipe. This means you can clean without scratching the surface.

How are low lint wipes made?

The Wipemaster non-woven wipes are made using a process called hydroentanglement. Hydroentanglement is a bonding process that uses thousands of high-speed jets of water (up to 2000psi) to bind a group of blended fibres together.

The fibres are entangled into a fabric, which is then dried and wound into a roll.

During the process, the fibres may be rearranged to create patterns known as aperture or creped, resulting in a strong, soft sheet structure.

low lint wipe process

What are the benefits of low lint wipes?

Low lint wipes are created from a mass of fibres, resulting in a strong and durable wipe with good wet and dry strength and excellent absorbency.

Wipemaster ApplicationThese wipes leave surfaces lint free after cleaning, so they can be used where contaminant control is essential for example when cleaning and preparing surfaces before painting or removing sealer, cleaning instrument parts, tools, equipment and machinery.

The Wipemaster range of industry approved wipes are highly absorbent where the Wipemaster WX100 dry, textured wipe can absorb 200ml, making it economical for mopping up spillages and absorbing oils. These wipes are an effective way to clean and degrease car panels and other surfaces.

The Wipemaster Wipe 9 is an alcohol (IPA) based, heavy duty cleaning wipe that offers a controlled measured amount of chemical pre-mixed on a lint non-woven material. The Wipemaster Wipe 9 removes the need for bulky chemicals and solvents on the shop floor.

The Wipemaster range of wipes are also chemically resistant to most cleaning agents so can be used for industrial cleaning or for general wiping purposes.

The range of low lint non-woven, impregnated and textured wipes are available in convenient packs including rolls, folded formats, tub, pouch and dispenser boxes, designed to suit the needs of your business. You can view the range of Wipemaster products, here



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