Lubricants for Electrically Adjustable Steering Columns

In this article, we explore the top lubricants for optimising electrically adjustable steering columns within vehicles.

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electrically adjustable steering column

Electrically Adjustable Steering Columns

Adjustable steering columns are used by top automotive manufacturers to ease and improve the driving experience.

They allow drivers to adjust the height and distance away from the steering wheel according to their personal preference. This is done through the use of a small joystick or button, which the driver can lock in place until they want to adjust it again.

The mechanism for electrically adjustable steering columns includes the use of electric motors and compression locks.

Lubricants for Electrically Adjustable Steering Columns

Industrial lubricants can greatly benefit manufacturers of electrically adjustable steering columns in various ways, including:

  • Reducing friction and wear
  • Increasing lifespan
  • Reducing frequency of maintenance
  • Reducing unwanted noises and creaks
  • Making the user experience smoother

Molykote provides durable and reliable lubricants for automotive applications, which can uniquely benefit manufacturers of adjustable steering columns.

Here we explore the lubricants for this purpose:

Molykote D-7708 is an anti-friction coating that can be used on metal/metal and metal/plastic pairings within the steering column. It provides excellent corrosion protection and a low coefficient of friction. Its glossy black appearance makes it a suitable choice for automotive applications.

Molykote AG-633 is a PAO grease that can be used for plastic parts within the motor screws. It exhibits no negative effect on electric contacts due to its non-silicone composition. It also provides good compatibility with most plastics.

Molykote G-1068 is a PAO grease that can be used for actuators and motor screws within the steering column. It provides compatibility with most plastics, excellent load-carrying capability and a wide service temperature range.

Discover how you can additionally use Molykote lubricants for high-load applications and noise-cancelling applications.


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