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A Guide to High Performing Marine Grease

In this article, we explore the importance of marine grease for maximising the service life and efficiency of marine machinery, in addition to our top marine greases for this purpose.

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The Importance of High-Quality Marine Grease

Marine grease is essential to keeping shipbuilding and maritime equipment functioning optimally under challenging conditions.

An effective marine grease enables the bearings, slides, rings and dynamic mechanical parts of marine machinery to:

  • Be resistant to corrosion, oxidation, water and moisture
  • Prevent water washout by maintaining an oil film around components
  • Handle high loads, shocks and speeds with ease
  • Reduce wear and friction, improving efficiencies and service life
  • Regulate extreme temperatures to function optimally
  • Keep contaminants and dust away from key parts

They can be applied to engines, hydraulic equipment, compressors, slideways, gears, turbines, containers and more.

Implementing an effective grease, in turn, reduces the frequency of maintenance and re-lubrication, saves labour costs, prevents unexpected downtimes and improves profitability and business operation. 

The Marine Grease Market

Experts predict the marine grease market to reach a value of £541 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 4.4%. This growth is accounted for by the rising demand for shipping services, increasing international trade activities and the development of new waterways. This has incentivised marine manufacturers to invest in more innovative lubrication solutions, allowing cheaper and more effective environmentally-friendly lubrication solutions.

Industrial Marine Greases for High Performance

Our top lubrication brands Molykote and Krytox provide high-level greases for the marine industry.

The greases we provide are hydrophobic in nature and exhibit various advantageous properties, such as high viscosity index, thermal resistance and minimal rusting and oxidation. They also act as sealants to prevent water from entering the vessels.

Molykote P-40 is a metal-free adhesive lubricant paste that can be used for mounting and lubrication in continuous operating conditions, particularly those exposed to corrosive environments such as splashing water or humidity. It offers great corrosion protection and is resistant to sea-water. In addition, it function from -40 to + 230°C as paste and -40 to + 1200°C as a solid lubricant. It is also considered a low water pollutant.

Molykote G-0102 is a heavy-duty bearing grease for applications in the presence of water and moisture. It provides good anti-corrosive properties, excellent thermal stability and extreme pressure capability. It has been used successfully in water processing plants.

Molykote 111 is a lubricant and sealant with good resistance to most chemicals and excellent water resistance. It is ideal for use on outdoor equipment subjected to an aggressive environment, such as those found in marine environments. Compatible with most rubbers and plastics, it functions optimally in the -40ºC to 200ºC temperature range.

KAJO Bio Marinegrease 320 is an organic grease that has been developed for applications that require ecological lubricants. It is resistant to rain and sea-water. It has successfully been used in roller bearings and friction bearings, mechanical cables, and to seal coatings with grease lubricated tubular adhesives.

Discover our guide on how to avoid lubricant water-washout to maximise your marine grease applications.

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