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Mechanical Maintenance Adhesives, Lubricants & Protection

In this article, we explore the importance of mechanical maintenance and our top range of adhesives, lubricants and protection solutions for facilitating it.

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mechanical maintenance

What is Mechanical Maintenance?

Mechanical maintenance refers to a range of tasks that are essential for keeping machinery operating at optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

These tasks range from:

  • Performing machine inspections
  • Servicing machines before any failure or breakdown occurs
  • Repairing machines back to full operation in the event of a breakdown
  • Periodically re-lubricating machines
  • Applying adhesives and sealants as necessary
  • Keeping equipment clean and free of incontaminants

It’s essential that manufacturers invest in mechanical maintenance in order to avoid unexpected downtimes, maintain a smooth and safe flow of operations, keep a high standard of customer satisfaction and improve profitability.

Mechanical Maintenance Applications

Mechanical maintenance applies to a range of machines and components, ranging from:

And any other mechanical machine used in an industrial setting.

Mechanical Maintenance Adhesives, Lubricants & Protection

Adhesives, sealants, lubricants and protection solutions play a vital role in effective mechanical maintenance. Through the use of these solutions, manufacturers can ensure:

  • Quick repairs
  • Reduced frequency of maintenance
  • Reduced chances of downtimes
  • Increased equipment service life
  • Resistance to water, humidity and corrosion
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Improved reliability
  • Ability to keep incontaminants away from key parts
  • Easy and cheap applications

Here we explore our top range of adhesives, lubricants and protection solutions for different mechanical maintenance applications:

Application Product Benefits
Chains Molykote CO220
  • Ideal for chain lubrication
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Low evaporation
Bearings Molykote BG-20
  • Long-term lubrication of bearings
  • Can be used on clutch release bearings, roller bearings and electric motor bearings
  • Suitable for medium to heavy loads and high to very high speeds
Gears Krytox GB H0
  • Long-term lubrication for gearboxes
  • Compatible with all elastomeric seal materials
  • Functional at temperatures up to 270°C
Pumps Krytox™ VPF 1506
  • Designed for pump lubrication
  • Reduce the chance of fires and safety issues
  • Non-reactive
Conveyor Belts and Systems Krytox™ GPL 227
  • Long-term lubrication of conveyor systems
  • Non-flammable
  • Resistant to water
  • High-load capacity
Conveyor Belts and Systems Araldite 2018
  • Can be used for the repair of conveyor belts
  • Compatible with thermoplastics
  • Easy application
Turbines Molykote D-321 R
  • Permanent lubrication of sliding guides and threaded connections within wind turbines
  • Ideal for metal-metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movements and high loads
Pipes Molykote GN Plus
  • Great protection against fretting wear and corrosion
  • Avoid microwelding of pipes
  • Suitable for applications above 400°C with a high load
Motors and Sensors Araldite 2014-2
  • Ideal for bonding motor casings and sensors
  • Provide superior gap-filling capabilities
Valves Krytox™ XHT-BD
  • Long-term lubrication of valves
  • Designed for use where the temperatures are in the 288 °C range and higher


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