Medical Adhesives for the Healthcare Industry

Are you a medical device manufacturer looking for effective bonding solutions? In this article, we explore what medical adhesives are, types of medical devices, and top medical grade adhesives in the healthcare industry. 

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What Are Medical Adhesives?

Medical adhesives aim to improve efficiency and output in the manufacturing process of medical devices. According to industry experts, the medical device market is expected to reach an estimated value of $432.6 billion by 2025. As a result, there is a push for greater innovation within the medical devices and healthcare industries. One key way medical device manufacturers can keep up with this trend is through investing in high-performance medical adhesives to take their production quality and safety to the next level.

Medical grade adhesives are offered in various technologies; each featuring different curing reactions. Examples of applications that use medical adhesives include surgical instruments, biosensors, catheters, electrodes labelling and implantable devices.

High-performance medical adhesives offer benefits to medical devices by:

  • Improving the lifecycle of the product
  • Increasing assembly speeds to ensure optimised processing
  • Higher efficiency manufacturing
  • Stronger bonds cured in seconds
  • Greater output rate

Types of Medical Devices

Disposable Devices

Disposable medical devices include face masks, needles, blood collection devices, scalpels and filters. Many of these devices rely exclusively on adhesives, as they are too small or delicate for mechanical fasteners. Medical adhesives allow manufacturers to limit costs without compromising the performance of the apparatus by offering strong bonds that are safe for use in applications with oxygen and where the adhesive will be close to the patient or member of staff.

Assistive Devices

Assistive medical devices include mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters and crutches; hearing aids; and electronic cognitive aids such as screen readers and voice recognition programs. High-performance adhesives ensure that this equipment provides the user with long-term reliable performance. Not only this, but the assistive devices are often re-used by hospitals, meaning that adhesives also extend the longevity of the equipment; optimising long term costs associated with assistive devices.

Surgical & Diagnostic Devices

Surgical & diagnostic medical devices include clamps, retractors, drills, scopes, and suction tips and tubes. In these applications, strict standards have to be met for adhesives to be qualified for use. One main safety consideration is the adhesive’s reaction with water, chemicals and oxygen; with incompatibility of the adhesive and application posing a threat to life. Finding the right adhesive solution for medical applications ensures that these threats are eliminated and user safety is paramount.

Top Medical Grade Adhesives

Permabond A1042

Permabond A1042 is an anaerobic threadlocker adhesive which has been used to lock fasteners against vibration loosening in wheelchairs. Furthermore, A1042 lubricates threads for easier assembly and provides corrosion protection to the substrates it is applied on; making it a good choice for use in challenging environments.

Permabond MH052

Permabond MH052 is an anaerobic thread sealant that is ideal for the sealing of threaded joints. It is BAM approved and is used in sealing connections in oxygen systems such as ventilators. Additionally, MH052 allows easier assembly and less risky cross-threading of medical devices by providing high-performance lubrication to threaded pipe joints.

To learn more about high-performance products for oxygen systems, read our article “High-Performance Medical Grade Lubricants”.

Permabond 4C20

Permabond 4C20 is a rapid-curing, cyanoacrylate medical adhesive ideal for the bonding of disposable medical devices. It is an industrial-grade adhesive, possessing both USP Class VI and ISO 10993 cytotoxicity approvals. This adhesive has been notably used to bond scalpels in high-speed production. Overall, it is a diverse adhesive that is utilised in various medical applications.

Permabond 4UV80

Permabond 4UV80 is UV curable adhesive that cures on-demand with low-intensity UV light; making it ideal for bonding needles. It is highly versatile and is available in multiple viscosities to suit different applications. It also posses the ISO 10993 approval.

Permabond 4C40

Permabond 4C40 is an instant-fixture, cyanoacrylate medical adhesive that has been used to bond rubber bumpers and tube caps to wheelchairs. It offers good gap-fill ability and is excellent for bonding hard-to-bond plastics.

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