Meet Maritime Regulations & Boost Efficiency With Betaseal 1590 CT

In this article, we explore how Betaseal 1590 CT meets Maritime regulations, enabling manufacturers to boost efficiencies.

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Dupont Betaseal 1590 CT offers a high level of performance for manufacturers and repair teams in the marine sector whilst complying with the ISO 12216: 2002 maritime standard.

Reduce Costs & Save Time with Betaseal 1590CT

Betaseal 1590 CT is an adhesive approved by the strictest safety standards regulated under the ISO 12216: 2002 maritime standard. This makes 1590 CT a perfect choice for companies in the marine sector who are looking to optimise their manufacturing, repair, and maintenance by reducing costs and increasing efficiency through an optimised product performance.

What is the ISO 12216: 2002 standard

This international standard specifies the technical requirements for windows, wickets, hatches, covers and doors of small vessels of length up to 24 meters. In addition, this standard considers the type of boat, its category, and also specific devices. The specific devices in this international standard are those that are critical to the water-tightness of the vessel, such as those that could cause flooding in the event of sheet metal breaking.

On the other hand, this regulation is especially intended for use on personal and private boats. However, it is also used for small non-recreational boats with lengths up to 24 meters (excluding lifeboats). However, we must bear in mind that it does not apply to commercial or work boats that are used in severe conditions.

Betaseal 1590 CT

Betaseal 1590 CT is a one-component polyurethane structural adhesive for bonding and sealing windows, covers, doors, hatches and port-lights. It has less retention time to optimise handling times and speed up repairs.

All bonding and sealing are done with a single product, which has good resistance to UV rays; allowing for a reliable, long lifespan when out in the open.

Main Characteristics:

Low Temperature Application

One of the main characteristics of Betaseal 1590CT is its ability to be applied in various temperatures; meaning that it does not require heat for a quick and efficient application. This is a main reason for such wide uses within the maritime sector, regardless of the environment or time of year it is used.

Efficient Application

Its long working time and initial gripping force provide speed for the “return to service” of the boat, allowing for efficient repairs and maintenance to be carried out. In turn, this allows teams to reduce their costs and save on repair time.

Complies With ISO 12216: 2002

As we have previously mentioned, Betaseal 1590CT is an adhesive approved by the ISO 12216: 2002 maritime standard. Furthermore, this implies that it complies with the resistance and water-tightness specifications required by the sector.

Main Benefits

  • Extensive skin formation time of the adhesive designed for large surfaces
  • Bonding and sealing with a single product
  • Good UV Resistance
  • Excellent grip capacity, only two hours retention time
  • High-modulus, maintains the structural integrity of the boat
  • Very good non-sag capabilities
  • Non-conductive adhesive reduces interference with radio, mobile, GPS and other electronic devices to aid driving
  • Applications in the cold (-5 ° C to + 40 ° C).
  • Extensive open time
  • Complies with ISO regulations

Main Applications

Finally, we will summarise some of the most relevant applications where this adhesive can be used:

  • Front and side windows
  • Cabin windows
  • Fixed, folding, sliding and sash windows
  • Ceilings
  • Panels made of composite materials
  • Painted pillars
  • Aesthetically sealed interiors


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