Merbenature Eco-friendly sealing with renewable raw materials

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Merbenature Eco-friendly sealing – with renewable raw materials

Merbenature is an especially resource-saving sealant based on SMP.

It consists of more than 50 % renewable raw material, is emission-free and environmentally friendly. Merbenature is universally applicable in inner and outdoor areas and easy to handle

There have been precious few innovations on the sealant market over the last 10 years. While a large number of new products and brands have appeared, these have simply been a response to changes in laws and regulations governing labelling and environmental compatibility. Now, though, there is a truly sustainable sealant: Merbenature. 

From: Fritz Burkhardt and Claudine Vonlanthen

Merbenature meets the relevant application requirements according ISO 11600 F25-LM and can, among other things, be labelled with the “DIN tested” certification symbol for bio-based products.
Consumers are showing much greater interest in sustainable practices. The willingness to take responsibility for resources and the environment has increased – and with it the demand for the appropriate products.
The development team of Swiss company merz+benteli ag has succeeded in formulating a sealant that – in terms of organic content – is more than 50% comprised of renewable raw
materials: Merbenature.
It is based on the new merbenTECH technology, for which a patent has recently been applied, and the clever combination of bio-based and petrochemical components.

Renewable and elastic 

As a sealant, Merbenature belongs to the class of silane-modified polymers that are manufactured through the functionalization of polymer chains with silane components and are known as SMPs. Back in 1986 merz+benteli ag was the first company in Europe to bring SMP products onto the market.

Products based on them have more than proven their worth in many areas of application for over 25 years.

SMP products are characterised by the wide range of applications and the ease of processing. Essentially, their qualities are founded on the properties combination of the two sealant systems, polyurethane and silicone.

The positive properties of the two systems are brought together without taking over their weaknesses. This results in flexible formulations offering the typical properties of polyurethanes, such as compatibility with paints, and the high elasticity of silicones.

Merbenature is, of course, very low in emissions (complying with EMICODE EC1+R), is labelling free and contains neither halogens nor phthalate softeners, isocyanates, solvents or tin catalysts.

Sustainability: using renewable raw materials

  • In the raw materials and energy transition process, the aim is for bio-based materials to partially replace other substances and fossil fuels. On the other hand, care needs to be taken when selecting raw materials that no products from the direct food sector are used.
  • The call for ecologically generated components is becoming ever louder in the sealant market aswell.
  • The possibilities already exist: the use of renewable raw materials allows us to exploit a synthetic input from nature – the conversion of solar energy into organic compounds.
  • The use of renewable raw materials is documented transparently by means of a certification programme and the relevant label. This certification programme is based in part on standards such as DIN SPEC 1206, ASTM D 6866 and Fpr CEN/TS 16295.
  • Merbenature can accordingly be advertised as the world’s first “50-85% bio-based” sealant.

Product advantages

  • Wide adhesion range universal use
  • Adheres on many substrates without adhesion promoter
  • Compatible with paints Long open time
  • Biobased raw materials, certified according ASTM D 6866:2012-01
  • Free of solvents, silicones, halogens, isocyanates, tin and phthalates
  • Odourless
  • Very suitable for Minergie-ECO


  • Suitable for connection joints, movement and fassade joints in building construction on concrete, bricking, stucco, wood, metal and several plastics.
  • Facade
  • Interior

Substrate range

  • Suitable materials are metals, powder-coated, varnished, galvanised, anodised, chromed or hot zinc dipped surfaces, various plastics, ceramics, concrete and wood. Due to the large variety of different plastics and compositions as well as materials which are susceptible cracks, preliminary tests are recommended.
  • Not suitable for natural stone work, for use on deck strips of copper and window sealings.

Meets the standards

  • ASTM D 6866:2012-01
  • Eurofins IAC Gold ISEGA (food production area)
  • ISO 11600-F25-LM
  • eco-bau 1st priority ECO-BKP

Paint compatibility

  • Due to the diversity of varnishes and paints on the market we recommend preliminary tests.
  • Using paints based on alkyd resins may delay the drying process. If applied on painted or plastered substrates a sufficient drying time of the paint / plaster must be kept (in general 10 days).
  • After cleaning with acetone joints can be varnished at any time.

Chemical resistance

  • Good against water, aliphatic solvents, oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis.
  • Moderate against esters, ketone and aromatics.
  • Not resistant against concentrated acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons

Easy to use

The new Merbenature sealant is easy to process, elastic and moisture curing. It follows the usual rules for SMP or MS hybrid sealants.

Its primary application is for sealing movement and element joints in building construction as well as connection joints in concrete, bricking, plaster, wood, various metals and plastics in inner and outdoor areas.

Because it is free of solvents and odour neutral, it is particularly suitable for interiors in which people linger, such as public buildings, housing, kindergartens and schools.

Not least thanks to its excellent compatibility with many paints, varnishes and plastic-hardened mortars, the sealant can certainly hold its own when compared with traditional, commercially available products.


  • Cartridges of 290 ml in carton of 12 units
  • Other packaging on demand
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