New Merbenit Automotive & Transportation bonding and sealing brochure

Merbenit Transportation Bonding & Sealing Brochure

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We are pleased to introduce our brand new Merbenit Automotive & Transportation  brochure for bonding and sealing.

In the area of automotive/transportation, the elastic adhesion and sealing technology is much more beneficial today than mechanical bonding. Through the adhesion process, different materials can be joined quickly, precisely and in an environmentally compatible manner.

  • The advantages of modern adhesion or sealing technology are obvious: shorter production times, reduced material and labour costs, flexibility with design.
  • The environment is protected twice  due to the environmental compatibly production and thanks to the fact that the end product becomes lighter, the consumption of fuel is reduced.
  • The adhesion and sealant technology also offers the greatest flexibility in the bonding of materials and uses them gently.
  • There are no changes in the material structure due to localised mechanical or thermal stress. In addition, the elastic bond insulates vibrations and distributes the tension  evenly, which plays an important role in giving the end products a long-life cycle.
  • The materials are better protected from corrosion and repairs become easier.

Whether for cars, bus, railway or special vehicles: the automotive product range by merz+benteli ag includes products for the widest range in vehicle engineering, such as the adhesion of windscreens and interior parts, seam seals and large-scale bonding and sealing.

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