merbenit bondexpo 2016Merbenit Bondexpo 2016

(Stuttgart October 10th to 13th)

A brand of merz+benteli ag

Merz+benteli is a technological leader in the field of elastic sealants and adhesives for the construction and manufacturing industries as well as for home and office use. merz+benteli’s core competences include the development, production and sales of silane-modified polymers and silicone as the foundations for high-performance and environmentally friendly sealants and adhesives. merz+benteli is an independent, mid-sized company that was founded in Switzerland in 1918.



Innovative and environmentally friendly sealants and adhesives

Merz+benteli is presenting its Merbenit product range at the Bondexpo 2016 in Stuttgart. Merbenit Bondexpo 2016 products, offer industrial companies more environmentally friendly adhesives and lighter sealants than ever before.
We are delighted to invite you to come and witness firsthand the range of new and established Merbenit sealants and adhesives, which have all been designed with current market trends in mind. These trends include the development of environmentally friendly products, both during application and use, optimisation and cost reductions in the production phase, and the creation of lightweight and therefore energy efficient vehicles

Merbenit Bondexpo 2016

Merbenit E20

Lightweight sealant Up to 50%  lighter

This pioneering SMP sealant features the  patented Merben- TECH technology and  is up to 50%  lighter  than  competitor products, making it possible to manufacture vehicles that are several kilogrammes lighter  without the  need for elaborate techniques or expensive materials.

Merbenit PC200

Heat  resistant adhesive Up to 240°C

The Merbenit PC200  SMP  adhesive meets industrial  custo- mers’  increasing demands for heat  resistant and  elastic  ad- hesives. Optimal thermal resistance up to 240°C allows com- ponents to be bonded and sealed before further  process or being exposed to higher temperatures.

Merbenit 2K60

Two-component adhesive For considerably shorter processing times

Thanks  to  its  improved two-component  formula,  the  new SMP  adhesive  Merbenit 2K60  guarantees  controlled and even  faster curing than the existing  Merbenit 2K10. Handling is  possible  after   15  minutes; after   just  one   hour  tensile strength reaches around  1 MPa. The final tensile strength is 3 MPa. Merbenit 2K60 adheres to a variety of different mate- rials and is particularly effective on synthetic materials.


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