New Merbenit Brochures for Industry, Marine and Automotive.

Since the introduction of adhesives & sealants based on SMP technology in 1986 Merz-Benteli ag continue producing innovative products.

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The latest additions to the Merbenit range include:

Merbenit E20 When weight saving is at a premium, this new seam sealant with a density of 0.7g/m3 saves 40% in weight over standard seam sealants with no loss in performance. Excellent noise, vibration & damping qualities, free of solvents, isocyanates & silicone this innovative seam sealant offers excellent performance.

Merbenit PC200 high strength adhesive suitable for thermal & powder coating applications.

Flexible bonding & sealing to a range of substrates, this adhesive once cured will go through thermal & powder coating up to 240c with no loss of performance. Fast hook up & high final strength, vibration absorbing & good elongation make this product an excellent all round adhesive.

Merbenit 2K60 The latest addition to the 2K range. When speed is key, this permanently elastic 2 component adhesive gives very fast strength build up, typical handling strength in 30 minutes reduces clamping time when jigs are used, freeing up space & increasing production. Very good adhesion properties particularly on synthetics which are difficult to bond.

Merbenit SK212 Fast Automotive glass replacement adhesive offers primer-less 30 minutes SDAT adhesive with Euro-NCAP, Eurofins IAC Gold & FMVSS212 certification.

This glass bonding adhesive has excellent high initial tack. Long tooling time for larger screens & excellent sealing properties for bonding & backfilling with one product. Isopropanol cleaner used for glass & body preparation, free of solvents, isocyanates & silicones, making this product much more environmentally friendly.

Merz-Benteli ag Merbenit range of adhesives & sealants offer solutions to most structural & semi structural applications. The latest Merbenit brand brochures include Marine certified products, which cover extreme environment adhesives & sealants.

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