Three Merbenit products have received the eco-bau certification; Merbenit FS30, Merbenit HS60 and Merbenit HT50.

What is the eco-bau certification?

eco-bau validation The eco-bau certification is awarded to products that have a minimal impact on the environment. Construction products are tested and evaluated using the eco-construction methodology and given a classification of eco-1, eco-2 or basis.

Products that achieve a rating of eco-1 meet the highest requirements of eco-construction and Minergie Eco, the Swiss building standard for sustainable construction.

Merbenit ecological building products

Merbenit FS30, Merbenit HS60 and Merbenit HT50 have been awarded eco-bau rating 1, making them very suitable for Minergie-Eco, 1st priority after Eco-BKP.

All three Merbenit adhesives fulfil the demanding requirements of the Minergie-Eco standard, making them environmentally friendly building products whilst providing quality assurance for architects and planners.

Merbenit FS30 SMP – The fire protection sealant

Merbenit FS30 SMP can be used for backfilling joints, sealing cable ducts, pipe penetrations and housings

Merbenit FS30



Merbenit HS60 SMP – The universal adhesive

Merbenit HS60 SMP can be used for bonding air-conditioning and ventilation systems as well as foodstuff related areas.

Merbenit HS60


Merbenit HT50 SMP – The high tack adhesive

Merbenit HT50 SMP can be used in foodstuff related areas.

Merbenit HT50

All Merbenit products are odourless and free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones. Eco-bau certificates are available on the Merbenit website.

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