Micro Urban Delivery Vehicle Structures – Adhesives & Sealants

In this article, we explore the top adhesives and sealants for bonding and protecting structures within micro urban delivery vehicles.

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micro urban delivery vehicle structures

The Role of Micro Urban Delivery Vehicles

Micro urban delivery vehicles are increasingly used globally as industries aim to reduce emissions and shift towards smart cities. They are used for parcel, food and grocery deliveries with the goal to reduce pollution, congestion and delivery costs. They do this by being lightweight, small in size, fuel-efficient, and quick and easy to operate.

In addition, many micro-urban delivery vehicles are fully electric or hydrogen-powered. As a result, they make up a portion of the rapidly-developing e-mobility sector; specifically in the micro-mobility industry.

Adhesives & Sealants for Micro Urban Delivery Vehicle Structures

Micro urban delivery vehicles typically consist of various sub-structures made out of aluminium, with an aim of being lightweight, durable and efficient. Adhesives and sealants play a crucial role in the effective bonding of these sub-structures. Automotive manufacturers can benefit from the unique benefits provided by our suggested adhesives, as compared to traditional bonding mechanisms, such as:

Panel Bonding / Platform Assembly

BETAMATE 2090 is a two-component epoxy adhesive that has successfully been used to bond aluminium panels within micro-urban delivery vehicles. It is designed for bonding automotive steels, including coated steels (e.g. e-coated or organic coated steel) and pretreated aluminium. It’s ideal for increasing the body stiffness and crash durability of the entire vehicle. In addition, this adhesive has been developed for applications that require a high glass transition temperature and fast curing (1 hour). It is also a Thatcham-approved product for the automotive industry.

BETAMATE 4600F is a one-component epoxy adhesive that can also be used to bond four types of aluminium (anodised extrusion, sheet, casting, and powder-coated casting aluminium) It provides excellent adhesion to pre-treated aluminium with good tolerance to oil and lubricants. In addition, it is compatible with the electrocoat process, is wash-off resistant and protects the metal from corrosion through its sealing capability.

Merbenit SF50 is a one-component permanently flexible SMP based adhesive that can be used to bond ABS/aluminium structures within micro-urban delivery vehicles. It has a fast crosslinking composition even at low temperatures and high tensile strength when cured.

Battery Box

BETAMATE 4600F, in addition to being used for panel bonding, can also be used to bond battery boxes within micro-urban delivery vehicles.

Discover our full range of solutions for battery pack assembly, battery thermal management and battery bonding to determine the best solution for your application.


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