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Mining Machinery Maintenance – Top Solutions for Efficient Maintenance and Repair

In this article, we explore the importance of mining machinery maintenance and repairs, in addition to the top lubrication solutions for these applications.

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The Importance of Mining Machinery Maintenance

Mining machinery is used in underground or open-cast mines to extract, handle and process raw materials from the mines. Due to daily use in naturally challenging environments that contain damaging contaminants such as dirt, moisture, metals and more.

It is essential that mining machinery performs reliably and durably under the extreme conditions found in most mines; allowing operators to improve operation times through reduced and better-scheduled maintenance. The negligence of proper machinery maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns, unsafe working conditions, waste of raw materials, and potentially life-threatening situations. 

The global mining machinery industry is estimated to reach a value of £151 billion by 2030, growing at a rate of 4.6% from 2021. This growth is accounted for by rising demand in mineral, metal and coal mining, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and Europe. Furthermore, mining equipment must meet growing government legislation, becoming more sustainable, carbon-neutral, cost-effective, safe and reliable. This pushes mining equipment manufacturers to optimise their machinery, becoming fit for the global mining market.

Examples of Mining Machinery

Commonly used examples of mining machinery include:

Mining Machinery Requirements

Mining machinery must be able to perform reliably in demanding conditions, ensuring:

  • Protection from extreme hot or cold temperatures – effective thermal management
  • Protection from dust and debris
  • Corrosion protection
  • Very high load-carrying capacity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • No or minimal product leakage or material waste
  • Full safety under all working conditions
  • The meeting of OEM specifications
  • The meeting of government legislation

The proper maintenance and repair of mining equipment and the correct solutions being used in their manufacturing will ensure the meeting of all listed requirements.

Top Lubrication Solutions for Mining Machinery Maintenance

Industrial lubricants provide many essential advantages for mining machinery applications.

Molykote, one of our top lubrication brands with decades of proven experience, provides extreme-condition solutions that enable:

  • Reduced wear and friction
  • High performance across extreme temperatures – maintaining viscosity
  • Improved equipment service life
  • Minimised contamination – resistance to dust and erosion
  • Resistance to squeeze-out, fling-off or water-washout
  • Resistance to rust, corrosion and humidity
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Resistance to reversing speeds and surging pressures
  • Hazard-free, environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Compatibility across standard mining equipment
  • Reduced requirement for maintenance – reducing service costs

Here we explore our top lubrication solutions for different forms of mining machinery maintenance:

Open-Cast Mining


Open Gears

1122 Chain and Open Gear Grease

1122 Chain Grease Spray

Electrical contacts; Insulators

5 Compound

7 Release Compound

111 Compound

3099 HVIC (High-Voltage Insulator Coating) Compound

Mining Trucks

Wheel bearings

G-4700 Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease

BR-2 Plus High Performance Grease


L-xxxx Synthetic Oil Series

M Gear Oil Additive

M-55 Plus Dispersion


Bearings; pins; bushes

BR-2 Plus High Performance Grease

Longterm 2/78 G Grease

Multilub Synthetic High Performance Grease

SAG/ball mills, furnaces

Jacket or liner bolts

P-74 Assembly Paste

Feed seal/chute

111 Compound


D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating

D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating Spray


Longterm 00 Semi-Fluid Gearbox Grease

G-4700 Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease

Underground Mining

Fans, blowers, pumps


BR-2 Plus High Performance Grease
G-0010 Grease
BG-20 Synthetic Bearing Grease

Transportation equipment

Pins; bearings

Longterm 2 Plus Extreme Pressure Bearing Grease
BR-2 Plus High Performance Grease
Multilub Synthetic High Performance Grease

Pulleys and winches


BR-2 Plus High Performance Grease
Longterm 2 Plus Extreme Pressure Bearing Grease
Longterm 2/78 G Grease
Multilub Synthetic High Performance Grease

Maintenance products


D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating
MKL-N Dispersion Spray
1122 Chain and Open Gear Grease

Air Compressors

Screw compressors (rotary)


L-12xx Synthetic Compressor Oil Series
L-3246 Synthetic Compressor Oil
L-4646 Synthetic High Temp Compressor Oil

Piston compressors (reciprocating)


L-4610 Synthetic Blend Compressor Piston Oil
L-4611 Synthetic Reciprocating Compressor Oil

Repair Shops


Multigliss Dispersion
1000 Paste
G-N Paste Metal Assembly Paste; G-N Metal Assembly Spray

O-rings; valve seals in general

55 O-Ring Grease
111 Compound


Longterm 2 Plus Extreme Pressure Bearing Grease

Metal cleaning/protection

Metal Cleaner Spray
Metal Protector Plus

Electronic Equipment

Electric motors


G-0010 Grease
BG-20 Synthetic Bearing Grease

Cleaning of electrical contacts, cards, boards

S-1002 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray

In addition to mining machinery maintenance, Molykote lubricants have also been used for managing vibrational loadsreducing thread failurelubricating bearingsavoiding microwelding of pipes, and sealing industrial furnaces – proving their reliable performance in extremely challenging environments.


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