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NEW Enhanced JAX Way-Tac Lubricants

In this article we delve into the benefits of JAX Way-Tac lubricants and how the enhanced range can help you achieve accuracy and productivity, reduced downtimes and maintenance costs, and minimised environmental impact.

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JAX Way-Tac Lubricants
New enhanced JAX Way-Tac Lubricants.

JAX Way-Tac Lubricants are high-performance slideway lubricating oils designed for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) units utilising slideways for precision machine tooling. JAX Way-Tac lubricants overcome stick-slip motion associated with machine tool parts and reduce machine tool carriage chatter for various applications including; planers, grinders, horizontal boring machines, shapers, jig bores, milling machines, and equipment with slow-moving, heavily loaded parts. In this article, we explore the new upgrades made to the JAX Way-Tac range by means of an improved additive package for enhanced lubrication performance. 

JAX Way-Tac Lubricants are formulated with lubricity and extreme pressure additives, along with high molecular weight polymers for tackiness and adhesion. These adhesive characteristics provide excellent machinery protection under the demands of slideways, contributing to enhanced machine accuracy and productivity. JAX Way-Tac lubricants are anti-wear, anti-rust, oxidation inhibited and specifically crafted to meet the demanding needs of machine tool applications. They also provide excellent separability from the coolant in the event of a mixture during the machining process. The new, enhanced additive package improves the Way-Tac range in several ways, most crucially by improving separability and adhesive-frictional performance. 

JAX Way-Tac Features and Benefits

JAX Way-Tac Lubricants offer several key benefits, including:

  • Separability from coolant: JAX Way-Tac lubricants provide excellent separability from the coolant in the event of a mixture during the machining process.
  • Adhesiveness and tackiness: Formulated with high molecular weight polymers, these lubricants provide excellent adhesiveness and tackiness, ensuring machine protection under the demands of slideways.
  • Overcoming stick-slip motion: JAX Way-Tac lubricants overcome stick-slip motion associated with slow-moving machine tool parts, reducing machine tool carriage chatter.
  • Anti-wear, anti-rust, and oxidation protection: These lubricants are anti-wear, anti-rust, and oxidation inhibited, specifically crafted to meet the demands of machine tool applications.
  • Versatility: Available in various viscosity grades (ISO 68 and ISO 220).
  • Improved formulations: JAX has released enhanced formulations with improved additive packages for better performance.

Improved Separability

A challenge of industrial machinery is ensuring smooth operation while minimising costs and environmental impact. Traditional lubricants can sometimes mix with coolants, creating a problematic emulsion. Separating this emulsion can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring frequent coolant replacement. JAX has stepped up to this challenge with their reformulated Way-Tac lubricants, boasting a breakthrough improvement in coolant separability. Internal and external lab tests from JAX show a staggering 370% improvement in coolant separability through the new enhanced Way-Tac line. With enhanced Way-Tac lubricants, a large portion of the coolant can be reused, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements and disposal, translating to significant cost savings whilst minimising waste and potential environmental hazards. With the enhanced JAX Way-Tac formulation, less coolant is mixed with lubricants, reducing the risk of coolant breakdown, leading to extended coolant life and improved machinery performance. Such enhancements represent a significant leap forward in coolant technology. 

Enhanced Adhesive and Frictional Performance

Minimising friction and wear is paramount for precision and longevity. JAX’s enhanced Way-Tac lubricants tout significant improvements in both adhesion and frictional properties. The enhanced Way-Tac formula boasts a much stronger grip on surfaces, reducing friction and wear. This translates to smoother operation and increased machine accuracy and productivity. Enhanced adhesive properties mean less lubricant needs to be reapplied, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Reduced friction translates to less energy wasted as heat, leading to lower energy consumption, whilst a stronger lubricant film better protects surfaces from wear and tear; extending equipment lifespan. 

Cameron Surette, Lead Chemist of Fluid Technology at JAX Inc., says of the new enhancements to the Way-Tac range; “We are excited to introduce the enhanced JAX Way-Tac Lubricants to the market. This re-launch underscores our dedication to continuous innovation and provides our customers with cutting-edge solutions that optimise performance”. New enhancements to the Way-Tac range are in keeping with the continuous developments and innovations of JAX Inc.

JAX are pioneers in high-performance food-grade lubrication, with innovations such as JAX Way-Tac Technology and various other state-of-the-art greases, fluids, oils, and more. JAX, is a company committed to continuously improving products and bringing new technologies to market through their longstanding commitment to research and development.

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