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Antala Ltd: Empowering New Onshore Wind Projects

With the ‘de facto’ ban on onshore wind farms lifted in England, we look ahead to the sector’s future and explore Antala’s innovative solutions for onshore development, manufacturing, and maintenance.

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New Onshore Wind
As planning regulations for onshore wind farms in England change, we look ahead to the sector’s future.

The UK government has lifted the ‘de facto’ ban on onshore wind farms in England. On Monday, the 8th of July, 2024, Chancellor Rachel Reeves announced the immediate end of the near decade-long restrictions placed on the planning, development, and construction of onshore wind farms across England.

Whilst not a direct prohibition, the restrictions placed in 2015 saw the introduction of strict planning regulations in which a single objection could block a project. The new incumbent government will remove footnotes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), containing restrictive policy terms, greenlighting new onshore wind developments across England. A policy statement on onshore wind, released alongside the Chancellor’s announcement, divulged the future ambitions of the sector. A pledge of “doubling onshore wind energy by 2030” accompanies goals such as boosting energy independence, reducing energy bills, and supporting the transition to clean energy.

New onshore wind developments in England will boost the British energy sector, with a recent study showing that using less than 3% of England’s land for onshore wind and solar could produce enough energy to power all households twice over. With onshore developments set to increase in the coming weeks, months, and years, Antala’s position as a technical solution provider for the wind industry is of vital import for proprietors, manufacturers, and maintenance teams. Through our innovative chemical solutions, long-standing experience, and technical expertise, we’re ready to support your projects, partner with your teams, and aid the growth of the onshore sector.

Antala: Empowering New Onshore Wind Projects

Antala’s long-established experience in onshore and offshore wind makes us perfectly placed to support new and existing projects alike. Our specialised product solutions and technical know-how aid every step of a turbine’s lifecycle, whilst our industry-specific product portfolio contains the sector’s leading brands. 

Our Wind Energy Product Portfolio

Our wind energy product solutions help to extend the lifespan of wind turbines improving energy output whilst supporting the advancement of sustainable, cost-effective energy production. Light-weighting and improved aerodynamics increase output whilst enhanced efficiencies reduce overall operational costs. 

Huntsman Araldite

Huntsman Araldite solutions for the wind industry include high-performance adhesives and resins with a focus on turbine efficiency and durability. Araldite products are used in the manufacturing, assembly, and repair of wind turbine blades and components. These solutions provide exceptional bonding strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors such as extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. 


DOWSIL offers advanced silicone solutions for the wind industry to enhance performance, durability, and efficiency. DOWSIL products include adhesives and sealants designed for turbine manufacturing, repair, and maintenance. These solutions provide superior resistance to extreme weather, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring long-lasting protection and performance. 


Molykote provides specialised lubrication solutions for the wind industry, enhancing the performance and longevity of wind turbines. The Molykote range includes greases, pastes, and anti-friction coatings, designed to withstand extreme conditions and reduce wear on critical components such as bearings, gears, and bolts. Molykote lubricants offer superior protection against corrosion, oxidation, and moisture ensuring reliable operation and minimal maintenance. 


Tectyl offers advanced protective coatings for the wind industry, enhancing the durability and performance of wind turbines. Their range includes corrosion inhibitors, rust preventatives, and sound-dampening coatings designed to protect critical components such as towers, blades, and nacelles from harsh environmental conditions. Tectyl coatings provide superior resistance to moisture, salt-spray (for offshore applications), and UV radiation. 

Technologies for Each Turbine Component

Generally, the main components of a wind turbine are the nacelle, the rotor, the blades, and the tower. At Antala, we provide a range of solutions for numerous applications within each of these main components. 


Generally constructed of metal and composite materials, the nacelle protects internal components from various external conditions. Internal components such as bearings and the drive train, must be lubricated and sealed to ensure efficient operation, whilst adhesive solutions enable structural bonding and the sealing of assembled parts. 


Ensuring proper rotor performance is essential for achieving optimal turbine efficiency. Given the demanding task of the turbine rotor, adequate lubrication is  necessary for performance over long periods. In addition to lubrication, the right adhesives can optimise the bonding and sealing of the outer casing, allowing a durable construction. 


Blade manufacturers use structural adhesives to bond lightweight and strong composites. Besides manufacturing benefits, the right repair technologies enable maintenance teams to perform more efficient repairs on wind turbine blades. Antala’s advanced adhesives and sealants aid leading edge protection, sensor bonding, shell bonding, gap filling, and more. 


Adhesives can be used throughout tower construction to bond and seal metal or composite joints and support traditional fastening methods such as riveting and welding. Besides providing traditional structural integrity, sealants also protect internal components from conditions such as moisture, chemicals, and corrosion. 

Industry Enthusiasm

News of the overturned restrictions on new onshore wind farms in England has been met with an industry-wide enthusiasm. RenewableUK — the British trade associate for wind power, wave power, and tidal power industries — described the move as a “major step forward” citing reduced energy bills, job creation, and environmental welfare among the potential benefits for the industry and for consumers alike. Here at Antala, as long-standing experts in the sector, we share in this enthusiasm and greatly look forward to supporting upcoming and existing projects across the renewable energy industry

In Conclusion 

With the wind industry preparing for greater expansion of onshore developments in the UK, we remain committed to ensuring our contributions help the new wave of onshore wind farms operate at peak performance, supporting your wind energy projects and the UK’s renewable energy goals. As a leading supplier of chemical solutions for the sector, Antala provides high-quality products and technical expertise ready to enhance the efficiency and durability of next-generation wind infrastructure.

Our team of experts are on-hand to assist and partner with you on your wind energy projects. To speak to the expert in your area, contact us via our website here. Or call +44 161 494 1345.

For more information on our innovative range of products carefully selected for the wind industry, download our Wind Energy Industry Selection Guide. Within the guide you’ll find a rundown of products and applications detailing the ways in which our brand portfolio will help your new onshore wind projects. Download your free copy here: 

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