Introducing Araldite 2050 & 2051

Huntsman Advanced Materials have launched two new MMA adhesives; Araldite 2050 and Araldite 2051. Both are rapid curing MMA adhesives and are designed to speed up bonding operations under cold temperatures, under water, saltwater and humidity.

Araldite 2050 can cure at extremely low temperatures from -20°C and Araldite 2051 can cure at temperatures from 0°C to 40°C without additional heat.

These adhesives have excellent ageing and weathering resistance, making them suitable for extreme conditions. While the high tensile and lap shear strength provides resilience to vibrations, impact and dynamic loads.

The adhesives require minimal pre-treatment and bond metals, composites and thermoplastics.

Araldite 2050 Properties

  • Fast cure from -20°C to 25°C
  • Application and curing under water
  • Application and curing in humid areas
  • Excellent ageing and weathering resistance

Araldite 2051 Properties

  • Fast cure from 0°C to 40°C
  • Application and curing under water
  • Application and curing in humid areas
  • Excellent ageing and weathering resistance
2051 Lap Shear Graph

Araldite 2050 & 2051 are versatile adhesives that can be used across the marine, automotive aftermarket, MRO, BTR and wind energy industries.

Araldite 2050 has an open time of 2 mins and fixture time of 9 mins.  Araldite 2051 has an open time of 5 mins and fixture time of 15 mins.

Both adhesives are available in easy to use cartridges – 50ml and 380ml size.

Araldite 2050 & 2051 

Product Demonstration 

Technical data sheets are available upon request.

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