Permabond 3D Print infiltrants

New Permabond 3D Print infiltrants

Permabond 3D90Infiltration is the process of applying a fluid to a printed piece to provide resistance. There are several types of infiltrating (water, wax, cyanoacrylate resins) A newly print output, inside of it, piece loose powder and has a large volume occupied by air. Infiltration with a surface: a thickness is filled from the surface to the interior, removing air. Depending on the use of the piece may be sufficient. Once dry, the infiltrative, increase infiltration prevents the rest of the piece. With a generous surface infiltration or dipping infiltrate we can get the whole piece, achieving greater resistance.

Permabond has worked with 3D printers in recent years and has developed several special products to suit the unique needs of 3D printing. 3D printing infiltrating Permabond are absorbed perfectly for parts or hardening them and providing them with more resistance models among other features. The little smell that these materials make it very comfortable to work and gives an excellent finish. “Our customers had been using cyanoacrylates that were designed to join two components together. What they needed was a product designed specifically for the task at hand. Our chemists worked closely with engineers developed 3D printing and 3D printing infiltrating Permabond. “Rebecca Wilmot, director of marketing Permabond.

New 3d infiltrants Added To Range

Continuing the success of the Permabond 3D90 3D print infiltrant, Permabond is delighted to introduce two new grades, Permabond 3D10 and 3D30 .

  • New! Permabond 3D10 – fast cure, good penetration produces a shiny surface which enhances the colour vibrancy of the part.
  • New! Permabond 3D30 – ultra fast cure, crystal clear high gloss finish with brilliant colour vibrancy.
  • The original Permabond 3D90 – delayed cure for maximum penetration and ultimate part strengthening performance.

Permabond 3D Print Infiltrants

Permabond 3D30Permabond 3D10Permabond 3D90
AppearanceClear, colourlessClear, colourlessClear, colourless
Viscosity @ 25°C90-110 mPa.s10-20 mPa.s4 mPa.s
Tensile Strength*10 N/mm²13 N/mm²15 N/mm²





Ultra-fast cure Brilliant colour vibrancy High gloss finish


Fast curing Good penetration Enhances print colour intensity

Shiny finish

Slower setting Ultra-low viscosity for greater depth of penetration

Best suited for light- coloured parts




Bulk 20kgBulk 20kgBulk 20kg


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