Permabond Engineering Adhesives has worked with granular 3D printers over the years and has developed a specialty product to suit the unique requirements of 3D printing.

Permabond 3D90 absorbs into the models more thoroughly to toughen the model.  The very low odor and low bloom of the material makes it comfortable to work with and gives an excellent finished appearance.  “Our customers had been using cyanoacrylates that were designed to bond two components together.  What they needed was a product specifically designed for the task at hand.

Permabond 3D90 is a low odour, non-fogging, non-frosting alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylate that has been developed for use as an infiltrant for toughening 3D printed parts its ultra low viscosity is ideal for wicking into porous surfaces and its delayed cure allows deeper penetration into larger parts.
The low odour formulation allows use in large dip baths or for coating large surfaces. Using Permabond 3D90 on printed parts helps strengthen and protect them, as well as fill any voids or porosities and give a smooth, shiny finished appearance.

“Our chemists worked closely with 3D printing engineers and developed Permabond 3D90.” Rebecca Wilmot, Marketing Manager Permabond.

Permabond 3D90 Cyanoacrylate Infiltrant for Granular 3D Printing

The benefits of Permabond 3D90 include

Product Data


Viscosity @ 25°C

Handling Time

Shear Strength

Impact Strength


Dielectric Strength

Dielectric Constant