Permabond A126 – Anaerobic adhesive wicking grade.

Permabond A126 is a high-strength anaerobic adhesive for permanent assembly of coaxial assemblies or threaded metal components. The exceptionally low viscosity of this product makes it ideal for use on tight fitting components or where the adhesive needs to be applied after assembly. In addition it may also be used to seal porosity in welds or castings.

Permabond Adhesives 

Permabond A126

Physical Properties

Colour: Green

Viscosity: 25°C 30 mPa.s

Maximum Gap Fill: 0.05 mm

Density: 1.07

Typical Properties

Handling Time: 10-25 minutes

Working Strength: 1 hour Full Strength 24 hours

Shear Strength: 21 MPa

Torque Strength (M8 nuts & Bolts): 25 Nm

Temperature Range: -55 to +150°C

Directions for use

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease free prior to bonding. Abrading and degreasing the surface will give a much stronger bond. (MEK or similar solvent can be used to degrease surfaces.)
  • If bonding unreactive metals such as aluminium, titanium or zinc, we would recommend using Permabond A905 surface conditioner.
  • Apply adhesive to the leading edge of both male and female components and assemble parts.
  • Allow the adhesive to cure before exposing to chemicals / pressure etc. (See cure speed section.)

Storage and Handling

When stored in the original unopened containers at 5-25°C, the shelf life of this product is two years from the date of despatch from Permabond. Please also read the Material Safety Data Sheet. Users are reminded that all materials, whether innocuous or not, should be handled according to the principles of good industrial hygiene.

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