Permabond Flex CA Range

Permabond have launched a range of new flexible cyanoacrylate adhesives offering up to 400% elongation.

Permabond Flex CA Adhesives 

Permabond 741, 743 and 748 flex CA adhesives form clear colourless bonds that maintain the softness and flexibility of the bonded substrates when compared to standard and toughened cyanoacrylates. These adhesives range in shore hardness from A60 to D50.

Example of the Permabond 743

With good shock resistance and excellent impact and vibration resistance, these adhesives are suitable for bonding soft and porous substrate materials and   dissimilar materials such as plastic, metal, glass and composites that are subject to thermal shock or thermal cycling.

Typical applications include bonding silicone, bonding swabs, threadlocking plastic fasteners and bonding flexible rubber trim or splicing gaskets. For best results when bonding silicone, it is recommended to apply Permabond POP prior to the flexible Cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Features and Benefits – Permabond Flex CA Adhesives 

Permabond Flex CA Product Summary

Product Demonstration – Permabond Flex CA Adhesives 

Permabond 741, 743 and 748 offer good flexibility, high elongation and softness while maintaining the setting speed of a cyanoacrylate adhesive.

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