Electronic Protection Adhesives & Encapsulants

Protecting electronic circuits is of vital to ensure optimal operation and performance in your electronic applications. To choose the most suitable product, the following factors must be taken into account: the type of chemistry (silicone, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, water-based, etc.), the design of its application and the concept of the equipment (conformable coatings or varnishes, encapsulants, sealants, thermal management products (TIM: Thermal Interface Materials), fixing/protection etc.

These products are used to provide reinforcement and protection of assembled components, fill large volumes and minimise exposure to chemicals, moisture, temperatures, mechanical or thermal shock and vibrations.

Technical Articles on Electronic Protection

Below you can find the latest technical articles on Electronic Protection that have been published on our industry blog.

Filling of gaps and trailing edges
Bonding of sensors and current conductors
Repair, fixing of inserts and added elementsof inserts and added elements
Casing repair and bonding
Tooling with high temperature resistance
Union of added elements: Vortex, Serrations, etc.
Bonding of Nacelle
Control Shaft & Components
Protection of Screws & Components for Export
Sealing of Assembled Parts