Anti-Friction Coatings

Anti-Friction Coatings

Anti-friction coatings or antifriction coatings are a range of last generation products framed in dry lubrication, they cure forming a solid lubricating film on the surfaces to lubricate proving to be an effective solution due to its adherence, its ability to withstand high pressures, durability enabling the fulfillment of extreme requirements that could not be guaranteed by conventional lubricants. These products are similar in appearance to paints, however they contain submicron-sized solid lubricant particles suspended in a binder and solvent medium rather than the coloring pigment in paints.

Anti-friction coatings form a sliding film, which covers all surface roughness and therefore optimizes metal-metal, metal-plastic or plastic-plastic friction, even under loads and working in extreme conditions. These lubricating coatings can be applied using conventional painting techniques: spraying, dipping, or screen printing.

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