Dupont Betafill 10210, 10211,10215

Betafill 216, 217, 218 joint sealers for filling and sealing. High quality sealing between panels and gap filling in multiple applications.

Dupont Betafill 10210, 10211,10215

Joint sealants 10210, 10211 and 10215 to fill and seal. High-quality sealing between panels and gap filling in multiple applications. Paintable with most paints, high elasticity, moisture curing and great adhesion on a wide number of substrates.

Passenger vehicles, light commercial/leisure vehicles

  • Gasket sealing in the ceiling installation
  • Filling and glueing of the hood supports
  • Union of mouldings, spoilers
  • Filling between panels
  • The cosmetic finish of the external and internal joints available in different colours
  • Sealing of lightweight construction materials such as GRP
  • Sealing and fixing of large internal areas of panels
  • Sealing without primer of various materials

Betafill properties

  • By not having to shake the installation process is optimised, a simpler, safer and faster process.
  • Quick-drying reduces waiting time
  • A “single” primer for the most common substrates in after-sales: glass, paint, encapsulations, scratches in paint, metal, bead rest, etc.
  • Reduce cost and optimise stocks, just a primer.
  • Great effectiveness in the treatment of bare metals, ensures anti-corrosive protection.
  • It works in a high-temperature range from -5 ° C to 40 ° C
  • Ideal for installations with mobile units

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