Permabond MH052 Pipe sealant

Permabond MH052 Oxygen Approved Anaerobic Pipe Sealant

Permabond MH052

Permabond MH052 is a rapid curing,  oxygen approved anaerobic pipe sealant that provides an instant low pressure seal.

Permabond MH052 Oxygen Approved Anaerobic Pipe Sealant

Permabond MH052 is a medium-strength, anaerobic thread sealant for threaded pipe joints. With excellent chemical resistance, Permabond MH052 provides a seal against gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons and oils amongst other chemicals and will seal to the burst rating of the pipe. Permabond MH052 will not shred or dry out, providing a durable seal to extend the life of the components.
This product is approved for use with natural gas and LPG for working pressure up to 20 bar (290psi) and for gaseous oxygen up to 10 bar (145psi) and 60°C.


  • Seals threaded joints
  • Suitable for maintenance, repair and overhaul applications
  • Approved for contact with oxygen – suitable for breathing apparatus, hospital equipment, gas burners


  • Medium strength
  • Yellow colour
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Pressure seal to burst rating of the pipe
  • No loose particles to clog valves
  • Approved for use with gaseous oxygen

Regulations / Approvals

  • WRAS listed for contact with wholesome (potable) water
  • DVGW & BAM approval

Pipe Threadsealing instructions video

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Surface Preparation

For best results from Permabond MH052,  surfaces should be clean, dry and grease free. An IPA wipe (Wipemaster Wipe 9) can be used to clean and to degrease surfaces. It is recommended to have a roughened surface of ~25μm in order to achieve high bond strengths. Surfaces such as zinc, aluminium and stainless steel could benefit from an anaerobic activator such as Permabond A905 or ASC10 to speed up the curing process.

Directions for Use

  1. First apply a continual bead circumferentially 1-2 threads from the leading edge to form a complete seal
  2. If working with taper/parallel threads, always ensure the adhesive is positioned where the threads will engage fully.
  3. Tighten as necessary.

This product is part of the Permabond range

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