Araldite 2012 Two component epoxy paste adhesive

Araldite 2012 is a multi-purpose, two component, room temperature curing, high viscosity liquid adhesive of high strength and toughness. This paste has the capabilities to bond a wide variety of metals, ceramics, glass, rubber and rigid plastics.

Araldite 2012 Two component epoxy paste adhesive - Description

Araldite 2012 epoxy paste adhesive is a versatile, two component, structural adhesive that cures fast at room temperature.

It is suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates including metals (steel, aluminium, brass), ceramics, glass, rubbers, wood, fibre glass reinforced plastics (urethane base), glass reinforced plastics (epoxy base).

The product is available in opaque and pale yellow. Araldite 2012 is a load bearing adhesive for engineering and industrial applications.


  • This versatile paste has the capabilities to bond a wide variety of materials including metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, rubber and most other materials.
  • It has a variety of capabilities being versatile for the craftsman as well for most industrial applications.

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  • Fast curing
  • General purpose
  • Low shrinkage
  • Bonds a wide variety of materials
  • Tough and resilient

Huntsman Araldite 2000 Range

This product is part of the Huntsman Araldite 2000 range of Epoxy, Polyurethane and Methacryate (MMA) designed to bond a wide range of materials including metals, composites and thermoplastics. For other products within the Araldite 2000 range, please click here.



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