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Araldite DBF

Araldite DBF – Epoxy Resin with Hardener HY 956

Araldite DBF with hardener Aradur HV 956 EN is a low-viscosity, unfilled, room-temperature curing epoxy resin. It is suitable for potting low voltage and electronic components.

Araldite DBF – Epoxy Resin with Hardener HY 956


  • Araldite DBF has good heat resistance.
  • Good resistance to atmospheric and chemical degradation.
  • High possibility of adding filler.


  • The chemical reaction initiated by mixing the resin and hardener generates exothermic heat.
  • Unfilled resin systems are suitable only for making castings weighing up to approximately 500 grams.
  • Mineral filler must be added to dissipate heat and dampen the exothermic reaction when producing large castings.
  • When casting thick sections, special care is needed to avoid excessive exothermic temperature rise.
  • To determine whether the crosslinking has been completed and the final properties are optimal, it is necessary to perform relevant measurements on the actual object or to measure the glass transition temperature.


  • Araldite DBF combined with HY 956 EN hardener is suitable for potting low voltage and electronic components.


Store Araldite DBF components and HY 956 EN hardener in a dry place according to the storage conditions indicated on the label. Always keep in mind that the useful life of the product will correspond to the expiration date indicated on the label. Partially emptied containers must be hermetically sealed immediately after use.

Precautions for use

Our resins, hardeners and auxiliary products can generally be handled without risk as long as the handling rules are respected. It is necessary to wear impervious plastic or rubber gloves as well as use eye protection. Handlers must carefully clean their skin after each work period, with hot soapy water. The use of solvents should be avoided. Adequate ventilation of the workplace is recommended. These precautions are described in greater detail in the safety data sheets for each product.

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