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Born2Bond Ultra MV – Medium Viscosity Instant Adhesive

Born2Bond Ultra MV is a low odour, low bloom instant adhesive with a medium viscosity.

Born2Bond Ultra MV – Medium Viscosity Instant Adhesive

Born2Bond Ultra MV is a rapid methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate (MECA) adhesive.


Born2Bond Ultra adhesives are low-odour, low-bloom instant adhesives in a variety of viscosities, specially designed to bond most substrates, including plastics and rubbers. The consistency of the formulation has been designed for high bond strength, even in places subject to flexing. The careful selection of the formulation ingredients ensures that the product does not stain the areas near the adhesive joint.

Features Born2Bond Ultra MV

Below these lines we present the main characteristics of the product:

  • Base technology: Methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate
  • Components: 1k
  • Transparent colour
  • Viscosity: 120 – 170 cP
  • Bond Strength: Shot Blasted, Hardened Steel, 21 MPa
  • Fixation time: 10 seconds
  • Use temperature range: -40°C to 80°C
  • VOC content: (ISO 11890-2) 33 g/L


This Bostik product has the following advantages:

  • Fixation time: 10 seconds (although it depends on the gap and the substrate).
  • High bond strength.
  • Long open time.
  • Low odour.
  • Less brittle than conventional instant adhesives
  • Bonds a wide range of materials, including polystyrene, but with the exception of polyolefins.
  • Transparent and easy to use

Product Applications

Typical applications of this product are:

  • Bonding of leather and rubber
  • Shoe assembly.
  • Auto parts market.
  • Speaker assembly.
  • Automobile wheels.


It should be noted that this product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems. Also, it should not be selected as a sealer for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.

Born 2 Bond Ultra Range – 1K

Born 2 Bond Ultra 1-part adhesives are low-odour, low-fog instant adhesives of a wide range of viscosities. They are also specially developed to bond most substrates including plastic, rubber and metal. The consistency of its formulation is designed to ensure high adhesion, even on surfaces subjected to bending. Likewise, the careful selection of the ingredients with which they are prepared guarantees that the product does not leave white spots.

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