Born2Bond Repair – Instant Repair Adhesive

Born2Bond Repair is an instant repair adhesive ideal for filling gaps. It has excellent adhesion in general.

Born2Bond Repair – Instant Repair Adhesive

Born2Bond Repair is an instant repair adhesive ideal for filling gaps with excellent adhesion.  


Born2Bond Repair is a patented† instant adhesive and repair product that fills gaps with excellent adhesion on a wide range of materials and surfaces. Repair is ideal for instant bonding and repair, combining the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive. A strong polymer is achieved in a cure time of less than 10 minutes, and the consistency of the gel allows application in any orientation.

Features Born2Bond Repair

Below these lines we present the main characteristics of the product:

  • Fixation time in 60 seconds.
  • It hardens in 5-10 minutes.
  • Instant adhesion with high bond strength.
  • Low volume shrinkage: 4.3%.
  • Fills gaps of large volumes.
  • Bonds a wide range of materials.
  • Machinable, sandable and paintable once hardened.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Gel consistency for precise application.
  • Does not sink for vertical applications.

Born2Bond Repair Applications

Below we list typical applications of this Bostik product:

  • Applications for accessories in the automotive sector
  • Repair and reconstruction of wood.
  • Rubber joint bonding
  • Automotive Joint Bonding
  • Repair of plastic defects

Bostik Adhesive Solutions

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Filling of gaps and trailing edges
Bonding of sensors and current conductors
Repair, fixing of inserts and added elementsof inserts and added elements
Casing repair and bonding
Tooling with high temperature resistance
Union of added elements: Vortex, Serrations, etc.
Bonding of Nacelle
Control Shaft & Components
Protection of Screws & Components for Export
Sealing of Assembled Parts