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Araldite AV 170 – High-Strength One-Component Epoxy Adhesive

Araldite AV 170 is a high strength, hard component, one-component, heat curing thixotropic paste adhesive. It is suitable for bonding a wide variety of metals, temperature resistant plastics and many other materials.

Araldite AV 170 – High-Strength One-Component Epoxy Adhesive

Product Properties

  • Araldite AV 170 cures at 140-180 ° C.
  • Heat resistant to 120 ° C.
  • Very good resistance to peeling.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Fill gaps up to 3 mm.

Applications Araldite AV 170

  • Araldite AV 170 is suitable for bonding a wide variety of metals, temperature resistant plastics and many other materials.

Application process

  • The strength and durability of a joined joint depend on the adequate pre-treatment of the surfaces to be joined
  • The resin/hardener mix is ​​applied with a spatula to the surfaces of the pretreated and dry joints
  • Gasket components should be assembled and fastened as soon as the adhesive has been applied
  • All tools must be cleaned with hot soapy water before the adhesive residue has had time to cure. The removal of cured residues is a difficult and time-consuming operation.
  • To learn more about the application of the adhesive, contact us.


Araldite AV 170 can be stored for up to 2 years at 2 – 8 ° C. At 15-25 ° C and the shelf life of the product is 6 months after removal from the package. The expiration date is indicated on the label.


Our products are generally easy and safe to handle, provided certain precautions are taken. For example, uncured materials should not be allowed to come into contact with food or food utensils, and steps should be taken to prevent uncured materials from coming into contact with the skin, as people with particularly sensitive skin can be seen affected. The use of waterproof rubber or plastic gloves will be necessary. Protecting the eyes, washing the skin after the workday, avoiding contact with solvents and ventilation of the work area are some key aspects.

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