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Araldite AV 4076-1/HV 5309-2

ARALDITE AV 4076-1/ HV 5309-2 is a two component, black epoxy adhesive with excellent chemical and non-slumping properties.


Araldite AV 4076-1/HV 5309-2

Araldite AV 4076-1/HV 5309-2 is thixotropic and non-sagging up to 10mm thickness, making it suitable for vertical applications. With high chemical resistance and low shrinkage, Araldite AV 4076-1/HV 5309-2 provides good adhesion on metals, composites and polyamides.


  •  Industrial applications for bonding metals, composites, GRP, polyamide and SMC


  • High chemical resistance
  • Black colour
  • Low shrinkage
  • Toughened, resilient system
  • Thixotropic, gap filling
  • Contains spacers to ensure minimum bond line thickness of 0.05mm

This product is part of the Huntsman Araldite range


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