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Betamate 2098 structural adhesive

Betamate 2098 is a high performance structural adhesive, which delivers greater crash durability and higher lap shear and dynamic impact strength, matching the performance of structural bonding adhesives used by OEMs. It is an important advancement in auto repair at a time when structural bonding is becoming increasingly common in new vehicles.

Betamate 2098 structural adhesive

Betamate 2098 is a two component, fast curing epoxy based adhesive with wide adhesion to most metals and alloys. Suitable for body shop and vehicle repairs.

Properties include excellent corrosion protection for gaps and flanges, weld-through ability within one hour and a working time of nearly 1.5 hours.

BETAMATE structural adhesives are used in the earliest stage in body design to increase stiffness for improved crash resistance and to reduce vibrations.


  • Designed for aluminium and metal repairs in the automotive industry.


  • Higher impact strength performance
  • Increased crash durability
  • Heat-induction cure possibilities
  • Higher performance, especially at subzero temperatures

This product is part of the Dupont range


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