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Betamate 4600F - crash resistant structural adhesive

Betamate 4600F  is a one component, epoxy adhesive used to increase operation durability, crash performance and body stiffness in vehicles.

Betamate 4600F - crash resistant structural adhesive

Betamate 4600F is a highly durable adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to pre-treated aluminium.

Due to its sealing capability, the metal is protected from corrosion.


  • Betamate 4600F is ideal for bus, truck, rail and automotive applications.


  • Excellent adhesion to pre-treated aluminium with good tolerance to oil and lubricants
  • Helps to increase the stiffness and the crash stability of the entire car body
  • Compatible with other mechanical and thermal joining techniques
  • Compatible with the electrocoat process and wash-off resistant
  • Pre-curable

This product is part of the Dupont range


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