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Merbenit HT-50

Merbenit HT50 – One-component adhesive

Merbenit HT50 is a one-component elastic adhesive based on MS-Hybrid polymer with a highly tacky formulation.

Merbenit HT50 – One-component adhesive

Merbenit HT50 is a one-component elastic adhesive based on MS-Hybrid polymer with a highly tacky formulation. This adhesive is moisture-curing, has a strong tack and is stable. In addition, it has many applications. 

Characteristics of Merbenit HT50

These are some of the main advantages of this adhesive:

  • Single-component
  • Easy to process
  • Free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones
  • Broad spectrum of adhesion, also without primers
  • Can also be applied to wet surfaces
  • Almost odourless
  • Paintable (also wet on wet)
  • For short-term powder coating or thermo coating up to +200°C stable
  • Very stable (thixotropic)
  • Corrigible
  • Split and cracked bridge
  • Compatible with grinding and varnishing
  • Duration-elastic from -40°C to +90°C
  • Very good sealing capability
  • Very good weather and ageing resistance
  • High resistance against aliphatic solvents, oils, greases, inorganic watered acids and alkalis
  • Not corrosive
  • Shockproof and vibration firm (shock absorbent)

Application process

Merbenit XS 55 can be applied directly from the cartridge or sausage, either by hand or compressed air gun. It should be applied as a rounded or triangular caterpillar in stripes. Furthermore, if one side of the material is permeable to diffusion, Merbenit XS 55 can also be applied dimensionally with a trowel.

Applications Merbenit HT50

Flexible Bonding Applications: Signs, Strips, Diagonal Braces, Profiles, Stiffness, Fittings, Accessories, Plates, Sheet Metal, Receptacles, Boxes, Booths, Costumes, Sandwich Components, Containers, Buildings, Bottom Decks, Frames, Panels, coatings, shields, etc.

This product is ideal for the following sectors:

  • Metals.
  • Appliances.
  • Ventilation and climatic technique.
  • Machine construction.
  • Electronics.
  • Freight wagon.
  • Automotive.
  • Manufacture of vehicles and containers.

Suitable materials

Here are some of the materials with which this adhesive is suitable:

  • High-quality steel
  • Aluminium and anodised aluminium.
  • Brass.
  • Copper, it is necessary to be careful with high temperatures due to solar radiation.
  • Glass and ceramic. 
  • Stone and concrete.
  • ABS (possibly primer), PBT, hard and soft PVC, PPE, P46.6-30, EPDM, and GFK.
  • Wood, powder-coated surfaces. 

A preliminary test is generally recommended when using materials with a tendency to stress crack.

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