Permabond TA437

Permabond TA437 Toughened Acrylic Adhesive

Permabond TA437 is a fast curing, structural acrylic adhesive which provides high strength, tough durable bonds and good impact resistance.

Permabond TA437 Toughened Acrylic Adhesive

Permabond TA437 is a single component, toughened acrylic adhesive for bonding ferrites, metals and ceramics. This adhesive has high shear and peel strength.
Permabond TA437 has a fast cure where the typical fixture time when used with Initiator 41 is 20-30 seconds, making it suitable for high-speed production lines. If an activator is not required, the material will cure anaerobically in a close-fitting joint or in the presence of metal in 5-10 minutes (fixture time).


  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates (ferrites, metals, ceramics)
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  • No mix application
  • Fast cure at room temperature
  • High shear and peel strength
  • Good impact strength
  • High-temperature resistance

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease-free before the adhesive application.
  • Permabond Cleaner A can be used for degreasing surfaces.
  • If bonding to metals such as aluminium, copper and its alloys, you may need to lightly abrade the surface with an emery cloth to remove the oxide layer.
  • You can read more about Surface Preparation here 

This product is part of the Permabond range

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