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Permabond A118

Permabond A118 Low Viscosity Anaerobic Retainer

Permabond A118 is a low viscosity, general purpose, anaerobic retaining compound that cures when confined between metal parts to form a tough bond.

Permabond A118 Low Viscosity Anaerobic Retainer

Permabond A118 is high strength, anaerobic adhesive that provides permanent locking and sealing of metal parts. This adhesive can be used for bearings, gears, studs and other threaded components.
With excellent resistance to vibrations, fatigue and fretting corrosion, Permabond A118 enables machining tolerances to be relaxed, eliminating the need for mechanical locking devices. This improves fatigue life and saves costs.


  • Permabond A118 is ideal for bearings, gears, studs and threaded components
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Improved fatigue life
  • Green colour
  • Lower cost than interference fit

Regulations / Approvals

  • WRAS listed for contact with wholesome (potable) water

Retaining instructions video

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from grease. To clean and degrease surfaces, you can use Wipemaster Wipe 9
  •  Surfaces that are roughened (~25μm) provide higher bond strengths compared to polished and ground surfaces.
  • To speed up the cure rate on inactive surfaces, it is recommended to use an activator such as Permabond A905 or ASC10

Directions for Use

  1. Apply a circumferential bead on the female component.
  2. Using a twisting motion, you can start to assemble the components.
  3. It is recommended for larger components to use a thixotropic product. The adhesive should not enter ball races or other mechanisms.

This product is part of the Permabond range

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