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Betafill 10215 black polyurethane seam sealant

Betafill 10215 is a one component, moisture curing,  black polyurethane seam sealant with permanent elasticity and good adhesion to a range of substrates.

Betafill 10215 black polyurethane seam sealant

Betafill 10215 is a black polyurethane based sealant for sealing, filling and finishing body repairs.

This sealant combines medium strength bonding and sealing in a wet, one-step operation.

Betafill 10215 can be abraded and over-paintable with most paint systems. The sealant can be used without a primer on coated sheet metal, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), polyurethane (PUR, PUR-RIM) and Polycarbonate.

Betafill seam sealants can prevent moisture intrusion that causes corrosion.

Betafill is available in different colours to suit your applications:


  • Betafill 10215 is ideal for vehicle body repairs, e.g. sealing, filling and finishing.


  • Black colour
  • Medium strength bonding and sealing
  • No primer required when used on Coated Sheet Metal, GRP, Polyurethane, Polycarbonate

This product is part of the Dupont range


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