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Betaforce 9050 – 2k Structural Polyurethane Adhesive

Betaforce 9050S is a two component, polyurethane adhesive with high modulus and fast curing rate.

Betaforce 9050 – 2k Structural Polyurethane Adhesive

Betaforce 9050 is a structural polyurethane-based adhesive with high mechanical strength and elongation at break.

With excellent humidity resistance, Betaforce 9050 provides good adhesion to plastics, composites, painted surfaces and coated metal surfaces.

Betaforce 9050 is available with short and long open times:

Betaforce 9050S – 6-9mins open time
Betaforce 9050L – 40mins open time


  • Ideal for use in automotive applications.


  • Good adhesion to plastics, composites and painted surfaces
  • Good adhesion to coated metal surfaces
  • Primerless adhesion to many composites
  • Optimised for accelerated adhesion at elevated temperatures
  • Very high mechanical strength and high elongation at break
  • Low temperature dependency of the modulus
  • Glass transition temperature outside the application range

Betaforce 9050 Comparison

This product is part of the Dupont range


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