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Betamate 2810 structural adhesive

Betamate 2810 is a two component polyurethane adhesive for OEM car manufacturers and commercial vehicle applications in bus, truck and rail industries.

Betamate 2810 structural adhesive

Betamate 2810 is a structural adhesive with fast curing at room temperature.

Designed to bond composites, carbon fibre, plastics, laminates and paints after pre-treatment. Its high G modulus improves the vehicle’s torsional body stiffened.

BETAMATE technology is used in the earliest stage in body design to make it stiffer, safer, lighter and better crash resistant.


  • Designed for the transportation industry.


  • Bonding of dissimilar substrates
  • Material flexibility that allows for thermal expansion and contraction with a joint, without loss of integrity.
  • Improved total stiffness of body structure
  • Decreased production times

The Betamate 2810 adhesive has a range of work times and cure times to suit different applications from bonding small components to large vehicle panels and structures.

This product is part of the Dupont range


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