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Betaseal 1407 polyurethane adhesive

Betaseal 1407 is an easy to use, one component, moisture curing, polyurethane adhesive with excellent decking and non-sag properties.

Betaseal 1407 polyurethane adhesive

Betaseal 1407 is a medium viscous, non conductive, high modulus, glass bonding adhesive.

It offers a two hour safe drive away time (one airbag or none), and four hour safe drive away time (twin airbag) in a range of temperatures from -5 °C to 40 °C.

The adhesive provides a generous working time of up to 15 minutes and its low conductive formula reduces interference with radio, mobile phone, GPS or additional driver aid technologies.

Once cured, Betaseal 1407 adhesive is highly resistant to aqueous chemicals, petrol, alcohol and mineral oils.

Betaseal 1407 satisfies OEM specifications and recommendations.


  • Designed for windscreen bonding and car windows in the automotive industry.

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  • Cold processable
  • Medium viscosity
  • Non conductive

Surface Preparation

  • Bonding surfaces must be free of dirt, dust, water, oil, silicone and grease.
  • Clean and prime surfaces before applying the adhesive using Dow Automotive Systems, BETACLEAN and BETAPRIME. Consult our technical team for more advice.

This product is part of the Dow Automotive range


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