Betaseal 1590 CT polyurethane adhesive

Betaseal 1590 CT is an easy to use, one component, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive with excellent sag and bead stability.

The adhesive cures with environmental moisture and skin formation and curing is dependent on humidity, temperature and application dimensions.

Betaseal 1590 CT polyurethane adhesive

Betaseal 1590 CT is a UV resistant bonding and gap filling system.

The adhesive provides excellent link-up strength with a two hour safe drive away time for all glass weights.

Betaseal 1590 CT has a working time of up to 25 minutes and its cold-applied formula means no heating is required.

The exclusive technology AINS (Accelerated Isotropic Network Structure) provides extraordinary grip and resistance – making it a good choice for windshield, rear and side window repairs on commercial vehicles such as buses, coaches, trucks and trains.

Betaseal 1590 CT satisfies OEM specifications and recommendations.


  • Designed for windscreen bonding and car windows in the automotive industry.

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  • Cold processable
  • Non conductive
  • No heating required
  • Primerless – can be applied directly to freshly trimmed, cut-back PU bead

This product is part of the Dow Automotive range


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