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Merbenit PC200 - SMP high temperature resistant adhesive

Merbenit PC200 is a short term high temperature resistant adhesive designed for thermos-lacquering and powder coating.

Merbenit PC200 - SMP high temperature resistant adhesive

Merbenit PC200 is a fast curing, elastic sealant and adhesive with high temperature resistance of up to 240°C.

Suitable for bonding components which are exposed to short-term high temperatures in the production procedure or at the end application.

The adhesive is odourless and free of solvents, isocyanates, and silicones.

Fast cross-linking even at low temperatures makes it possible to bond parts in a continuous working process.

The neutral polymerisation also allows a connection without thermal or chemical pre-treatment of the assembly parts.


  • Flexible bonding and sealing in the areas of metal, apparatus and machine construction, plastics technology, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, car body, wagon, vehicle and container construction.


  • After complete curing short-term resistant up to + 240°C, e.g. for powder and thermal coating
  • Fast cross-linking even at low temperatures and moisture impermeable materials
  • High final strength
  • Simple processing
  • Odourless and free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones
  • Very wide adhesion range
  • Compatible with paints
  • Adjustable
  • Permanently elastic from – 40°C to + 90°C
  • Very good sealing properties
  • Non-corrosive on surfaces
  • Corrosion protecting
  • Impact and vibration resistant (shock absorbing)

Chemical resistance

  • Good against water, aliphatic solvents, oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis
  • Moderate against esters, ketone and aromatics
  • Not resistant against concentrated acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Weatherproof and resistant to aging

This product is part of the Merbenit range


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