Merbenit SK212 FAST - Direct glazing windscreen adhesive

Merbenit SK212 FAST is an elastic adhesive with high initial tack and strength. Suitable for applications that require a short handling strength, e.g. bonding windscreens on vehicles.

Merbenit SK212 FAST - Direct glazing windscreen adhesive

Merbenit SK212 FAST is a flexible adhesive sealant based on SMP (Silane Modified Polymer).

The adhesive has a high mechanical strength, good sealing properties and provides a fast drive-away time for bonding windshields.

The adhesive is odourless and free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones.

Merbenit SK212 FAST meets motor vehicle safety standards NCAP and FMVSS212.

The product is available in black.


  • Ideal for direct glazing applications in the transport industry, e.g. bonding of windows in cars, buses, trucks, marine and rail applications.
  • Suitable for bonding metal, apparatus and machine construction, plastics technology, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, car body wagons, vehicle and container construction.


  • Very high initial tack
  • Odourless and free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones
  • Permanently elastic from -40°C to +90°C
  • Resistant up to +200°C for powder and thermal coating
  • Shock-proof, anti- vibration (shock absorbent) and noise dampening
  • Resistant to thermal expansion and contraction and material stress
  • Very good sealing properties

Chemical resistance

  • Good against water, aliphatic solvents, oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis
  • Moderate against esters, ketone and aromatics
  • Not resistant against concentrated acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons

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