Dowsil 736

SILASTIC™ Q3-3636 Adhesive

Two-component, room temperature curing thixotropic adhesive.

SILASTIC™ Q3-3636 Adhesive

Features & Benefits of SILASTIC™ Q3-3636

  • Fast cure at room temperature
  • Good, durable adhesion
  • Reduced weight loss (fogging) at high operating temperatures
  • Fast assembly process
  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Through cure and not an outside inward cure like typical moisture cure adhesives
  • Not humidity cure sensitive


SILASTIC™ Q3-3636 Adhesive has been developed to provide durable adhesive sealing of components which must perform in difficult environments:

  • The substrates to be bonded exhibit different thermal expansion rates
  • Designed to operate at high temperatures
  • Low fogging characteristics of the adhesive are desired
  • Fast cure requirements make one part of the adhesives inappropriate

A typical example in automotive manufacturing is the boding of polycarbonate or glass lenses to the reflector housing of headlamps and fog lamps. SILASTIC Q3-3636 Adhesive is also a perfect solution in Appliances manufacturing, especially for oven and ceramic hob assembly, for bonding glass to metal, glass to painted metal or glass to plastic.

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