Dowsil 730 FS Solvent Resistant Sealant

Dowsil 730 FS, formerly Dow Corning 730 FS is a one component, solvent resistant sealant. Suitable for bonding, sealing and caulking where resistance to fuels, oils and solvents is needed.

Dowsil 730 FS Solvent Resistant Sealant

Dowsil 730 FS formerly Dow Corning 730 FS is an easy to apply, fluorosilicone sealant with good adhesion to many substrates.

When exposed to moisture in the air, the product will cure at room temperature forming a tough, flexible rubber. Remains flexible and stable from -65 to 260°C.

The sealant provides good resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, ozone and temperature extremes.


  • Bonding or sealing of components exposed to moisture, vibration, shock, fuels, solvents and oils for long periods of time.
  • Used for formed-in-place gaskets where irregular shapes and harsh conditions reject ordinary seals.
  • Suitable for applications where a resistance to the swelling effects of fuels, solvents and oil is required.
  • Potential applications include assembling and repairing fuel lines and tanks, bonding components exposed to fuels, oils and solvents, fluid-filled distributors and transformers, repairing rubber linings exposed to corrosive conditions; sealing pipe joints on lines carrying corrosive chemicals.


  • Cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture in the air
  • Acetoxy cure system
  • Non-sag, paste consistency
  • Easy to apply
  • Retains its properties under exposure to fuels, oils and solvents

This product is part of the DOWSIL range

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