Betaclean-3350 - 1 litre

Betaclean 3300 Automotive Cleaner

Betaclean 3300 is a non-smearing sprayable cleaner for glass, ceramic frit, encapsulations (PUR-RIM, PVC) and polyurethane pre-applied adhesive systems (PAAS).

Betaclean 3300 Automotive Cleaner

Betaclean 3300 is a cleaner used to prepare vehicle surfaces prior to adhesive application. The cleaner can be used on ceramic frit, encapsulations (PUR-RIM, PVC) and polyurethane pre-applied adhesive systems (PAAS) and meets OEM standards for safe, high-quality glazing refits.

Betaclean 3300 can be used to inspect glass quality before installation. It can highlight glass imperfections, fingerprints, silicone and other kinds of contamination.

Available in wet wipes and large sizes.


  • Non-smearing cleaner
  • Removes dirt, road film and grease cleanup
  • Evaporates quickly to save time and ensure a dry, residue-free bonding surface
  • Can be used to inspect glass quality before installation – highlights fingerprints and glass imperfections

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Glass Preparation

Step by step preparation process for most glass replacements using the Betaclean 3300

Glass Preparation using Betaclean 3300


  1. Spray glass bonding surface and vision area with BETACLEAN™ 3300.
  2. Inspect replacement glass for defects, damage or signs of contamination.
  3. Scrub bonding area with cleaning sponge.
  4. Spray entire windshield with BETACLEAN™ 3300 and wipe clean with a lint-free paper towel.


This product is part of the Dow Automotive range

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