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MG Chemicals 4352: Thinner 2, Anti-Blush & Safe

MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2

Discover the 4352 Thinner 2 by MG Chemicals – a versatile, high-performance thinner that enhances the properties of conformal coating products. Its compatibility with multiple resin systems like acrylic, alkyd, epoxy and more, ensures excellent levelling and gloss – providing your electronic parts and enclosures with a superior finish. With its blush resistance, moderate evaporation rate, and safety for sensitive substrate, it’s the reliable choice for industrial adhesive and coating needs. It’s time to experience the MG Chemicals 4352 Thinner 2 – the thinner that promotes quality, efficiency, and innovation in every application.

MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2

Description of MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2

The MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2 is a high-performance, moderately fast-drying thinner, designed for utilisation with a variety of MG Chemicals conformal coating products. Its formulation ensures a smooth and glossy finish, making it ideal for applications that require a polished, professional look. The thinner also boasts a medium evaporation rate, allowing it ample time to level out and create a seamless finish before it dries completely.

One of the standout features of this thinner is its ability to suppress blushing effectively, preventing the formation of a white, hazy layer on the coating surface due to humidity. This feature, coupled with its excellent levelling properties, ensures a top-grade finish every time.

Properties of MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2

The MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2 presents a unique blend of properties that set it apart in the market.

  • Compatibility: This thinner has been developed to be highly compatible with film-forming paint products containing a variety of resins, including acrylic, alkyd, cellulose acetate butyrate, epoxy, nitrocellulose, and polyester.
  • Plastic Safe: It is also notably safe for use with most types of sensitive substrates that are commonly found in electronic parts and enclosures.
  • Blush Resistant: The thinner features superior blush resistance, effectively preventing the unsightly white haze that can form on surfaces due to moisture in the air.
  • Moderate Evaporation Rate: With a moderate evaporation rate, the thinner allows adequate time for the application to level out before it dries, thus enabling a smoother finish.
  • Not a Hazardous Air Pollutant: Unlike some thinners on the market, the MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2 is not classified as a hazardous air pollutant, making it a safer choice for both individuals and the environment.
  • Miscibility: The thinner is highly miscible with other common organic solvents, making it extremely versatile in a wide range of applications.

Applications of MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2

The MG Chemicals 4352 – Thinner 2 is primarily used in conjunction with MG Chemicals conformal coating products. However, given its properties, it can be used in a range of applications where the use of film-forming paint products such as acrylic, alkyd, cellulose acetate butyrate, epoxy, nitrocellulose, or polyester resins is required.

Its compatibility with most sensitive substrates makes it an excellent choice for use in electronic parts and enclosures, where it promotes good flow properties and prevents blushing for a flawless finish. Its moderate evaporation rate and excellent levelling and gloss properties also make it suitable for use in applications where a smooth, glossy finish is desired.

Given its non-hazardous nature, it is also a preferred choice in settings where there is a need to minimise environmental impact.

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