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MG Chemicals 8331D Epoxy Silver Conductive Adhesive

MG Chemicals 8331D – Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

Discover the power of MG Chemicals 8331D – Conductive Silver Epoxy Adhesive. As a cutting-edge improvement over our iconic 8331, this 2-part silver epoxy offers exceptional electrical conductivity. Thanks to its non-sagging, thixotropic nature, it adheres excellently to numerous substrates. Perfect for cold-soldering repairs and bonding heat-sensitive electronic components, it’s an ideal choice when traditional soldering is not an option. What’s more, it offers impressive resistance to humidity, salt water and more, ensuring a strong and permanent electrical connection for your every need. Get the MG Chemicals 8331D, an adhesive designed with quality, innovation and customer satisfaction in mind. Don’t miss out – make your industrial processes more efficient with MG Chemicals 8331D today!

MG Chemicals 8331D – Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

Product Description

Introducing the MG Chemicals 8331D – a superior, electrically conductive, two-part silver epoxy adhesive. This high-performing adhesive is an enhanced version of the acclaimed silver-filled epoxy adhesive, 8331. Boasting a smooth texture, this non-sagging, thixotropic adhesive forms robust bonds with a wide variety of substrates.

Key Properties

The MG Chemicals 8331D is not just another adhesive. It consists of some exceptional properties that make it a go-to product in the adhesive industry. These include:

  • High Electrical Conductivity: This silver epoxy adhesive is highly electrically conductive, making it perfect for creating strong, permanent electrical connections.
  • Convenient Mix Ratio: It comes with a 1 to 1 mix ratio for ease of use.
  • Quick Cure Time: It cures in just 6 hours at room temperature, or in 10 minutes at 65 °C (149 °F).
  • Solder Replacement: It is an excellent solder replacement, ideal for bonding heat-sensitive electronic components, or for making conductive connections where soldering is not an option.
  • Excellent Adhesion: This adhesive bonds well to many substrates, including glass, soft metals, or plastics.
  • Resistance: It shows strong resistance to humidity, salt water, mild bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
  • Room Temperature Storage: This product can be stored at room temperature, making it easy to keep and maintain. Plus, it has a long shelf life.
  • SVHC Free: The MG Chemicals 8331D is free from Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).


This unique blend of properties makes the MG Chemicals 8331D suitable for a wide range of applications:

  1. It works as a cold-soldering repair solution, allowing for quick fixes.
  2. It is an excellent choice for bonding heat-sensitive electronic components where soldering is not possible.
  3. It can be used for creating conductive connections on a vast range of substrates from glass and soft metals to plastics.
  4. It is also very effective in providing excellent EMI/RFI shielding and filling seams between metal plates.

With the MG Chemicals 8331D, you can ensure strong, lasting, and conductive connections, even in the most challenging conditions.

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