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Araldite CW 229/HV 229-1 epoxy casting system

Araldite CW 229/HW 229-1 is a high temperature, filled epoxy encapsulation system.

Araldite CW 229/HV 229-1 epoxy casting system

Araldite CW 229/HW 229-1 is a two component epoxy casting system which provides high crack and thermal shock resistance.

Araldite CW 229/HW 229-1 is recommended for the manufacture of electrically insulating components and for use as electrical insulation for indoor medium and high voltage applications including SF6 insulated types.

Please note: Araldite CW 229-3/HW 229-1 is the brown version.


  • Araldite CW 229/HW 229-1 can be used as an indoor electrical insulation material for post insulators, equipment parts, bushings, instrument and dry type distribution transformers, switchgears
    For pack sizes, please see Additional Information. 


  • Good dielectric properties
  • Good processability
  • Adequate working life at processing temperatures
  • Rapid gelation at mold temperatures of 140°C and above
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical properties
  • Excellent fracture toughness characteristics
  • Excellent performance in applications requiring thermal cycling
  • Recognized insulation component with Thermal Index of 200°C

This product is part of the Huntsman Araldite range


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