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MG Chemicals 832HT: High Temperature Epoxy & Potting

MG Chemicals 832HT – High Temp. Epoxy Potting & Encapsulating Compound

Explore the exceptional capabilities of MG Chemicals 832HT – Epoxy de Alta Temperatura para Relleno y Encapsulación. Crafted for extreme conditions, this high-temperature epoxy resin stands out with its remarkable physical strength, chemical resistance and excellent electrical insulation. It proudly caters to a vast array of substrates, offering an impressively broad service temperature range. Experience the ultimate protection for your electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards, even under submersion, thanks to its extreme water and humidity resistance. Discover the difference that MG Chemicals 832HT can make in your high-temperature applications. Opt for quality, opt for MG Chemicals 832HT.

MG Chemicals 832HT – High Temp. Epoxy Potting & Encapsulating Compound


The MG Chemicals 832HT is a superior, rigid, black, two-part epoxy engineered for high temperature usage. This epoxy is particularly designed to provide extreme environmental, mechanical, and physical protection for printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. It serves as an excellent electrical insulator, protecting components from static discharge, vibration, abrasion, thermal shock, and environmental humidity. The MG Chemicals 832HT High Temperature Epoxy is a general-purpose epoxy resin that can be cured at room temperature or higher.


  • Mix Ratio: The epoxy comes with a 1.6A:1B volume mix ratio, enabling a smooth blend for optimum performance.
  • Strength: It boasts extremely high compressive and tensile strength, guaranteeing robust stability even under severe conditions.
  • Adhesion: This high temperature epoxy exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, composites, glass, ceramics, and numerous plastics, ensuring versatile usage.
  • Electrical Insulation: It features outstanding electrical insulating characteristics, making it an ideal solution for electronic components.
  • Temperature Range: The epoxy has a very broad service temperature range of -40 to 225 °C (-40 to 437 °F), making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Resistance: It provides extreme resistance to water, humidity, and many harsh chemicals, even allowing for submersion when necessary.
  • Solvent-free: It is a solvent-free epoxy, making it safer and more environmentally friendly.


This high-temperature epoxy is ideal for a variety of applications, particularly where extreme physical strength and chemical resistance are necessary. It serves as an excellent solution for protecting printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies from tough environmental conditions, mechanical stress, and physical damage. Whether your project requires resistance to static discharge, vibration, abrasion, thermal shock, environmental humidity, salt water, fungus, or harsh chemicals, the MG Chemicals 832HT High Temperature Epoxy offers reliable protection.

Given its broad service temperature range and superior adhesion properties, this epoxy is perfectly suited for use with a vast array of substrates. From metals and composites to glass, ceramics, and many plastics, the MG Chemicals 832HT epoxy ensures high-performance bonding and coating.

Moreover, thanks to its solvent-free formula, this high temperature epoxy offers an environmentally friendly solution while maintaining top-tier performance. Whether you’re working on small electronic components or large industrial applications, the MG Chemicals 832HT High Temperature Epoxy is the reliable choice for extreme protection and high-temperature resilience.

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