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MG Chemicals 8241-140 - 70/30 Isopropyl Alcohol Soft Pack

MG Chemicals 8241-140 – 70/30 Isopropyl Alcohol Soft Pack

Experience the superior quality of MG Chemicals 8241-140 – Soft Pack of Isopropyl Alcohol 70/30. Loaded with 140 alcohol wet wipes, this soft pack is built to last with durable spunlace wood pulp and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Unrivaled in its ability to remove dust, fingerprints, oils, light greases, ink, and grime, it’s your safest bet for maintaining a clean environment on plastics. With the added advantage of being CARB compliant, this product effortlessly cleans cables, components, connectors, contacts, keypads, office equipment, and more. With its airtight resealable opening, the MG Chemicals 8241-140 leaves a small environmental footprint, marking its uniqueness. Give your electronics the special care they deserve. Invest in MG Chemicals 8241-140 today for a cleaner tomorrow.

MG Chemicals 8241-140 – 70/30 Isopropyl Alcohol Soft Pack


The MG Chemicals 8241-140 is a soft pack of alcohol wet wipes, each saturated with a 70/30 isopropyl alcohol solution. The pack contains 140 wipes, ensuring a plentiful supply for a variety of uses. Each wipe measures 18 cm x 20 cm (7″ x 8″), providing ample surface area to handle larger cleaning tasks, as well as the precision to deal with smaller, more delicate items.

These wipes are crafted from durable spunlace wood pulp, resulting in a product that is both lint free and tear resistant. This makes them exceptionally robust and reliable for all sorts of cleaning applications. The use of spunlace wood pulp also contributes to a lower environmental footprint, aligning with the growing commitment to sustainability in all areas of life and work.

The soft pack design features an airtight resealable opening. This keeps your wipes fresh and moist, ready for use at any time. The compact and portable nature of the soft pack also makes it easy to store and to carry with you, providing powerful cleaning abilities wherever you may need them.


The 70/30 isopropyl alcohol solution employed in these wipes makes them highly effective at removing dust, fingerprints, oils, light greases, ink, and grime. This makes them an essential tool in many environments, from offices to workshops to homes.

Whilst they possess strong cleaning properties, these wipes are also safe on plastics. This makes them exceptionally versatile, as they can be used on a variety of surfaces without fear of causing damage. The wipes also comply with CARB regulations for electronics cleaners, meeting a 75% category and limit, further attesting to their safety and suitability for a wide range of applications.


The MG Chemicals 8241-140 Alcohol Wet Wipes possess a range of potential applications that make them a versatile tool in many settings. They are excellent for cleaning:

  • Cables
  • Components
  • Connectors
  • Contacts
  • Keypads
  • Office equipment
  • Production equipment
  • Smart phones
  • Stencils

Whether you’re maintaining electronics, cleaning workplace equipment, or simply keeping your smartphone free from dust and smudges, these wipes provide a powerful, reliable solution.

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